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You Can Pursue Engaging Hobbies Despite Your Limited Vision!

January 2, 2024

If you have low vision, you might find it challenging—and even somewhat frustrating—to enjoy leisure activities. With a few modifications, though, you can still participate in some of your favorite pastimes or embark on new ones.

At the office of Dr. Aaron Mandel Optometrist, your healthy vision is our top priority. Whether you need an eye exam, eyeglasses, contact lenses, or prescription and non-prescription sunglasses, our highly skilled and personable staff will help you make informed decisions about the procedures and products that are right for you. 

Fans of board games, cards and dominoes will have fun playing editions that have been adapted with enlarged print, large formats, raised bumps and Braille. Check out two favorites: Monopoly and Scrabble! 

Like to watch shows and movies on TV? Many television sets offer audio descriptions of what’s going on in each scene. Some movie theaters and stage theaters supply headsets with audio-described performances.

Low vision needn’t hinder you from tending to your garden. Arrange the plant life in straight lines and tag them with brightly colored ID labels. Lightweight, handheld garden tools are easy to wield, and keeping them in a utility belt or an apron with pockets makes them a cinch to grab. 

Sewing? Sure! Uncomplicated tricks and tips make it easier and safer. Use a measuring tape that shows dimensions by touch. Threads with varying colors help you distinguish between them. Use a magnetic seam guide while working with your sewing machine; stick on masking tape for guidance. And here’s a neat trick: When sewing a dark button onto dark fabric, put white tissue paper between the fabric and the button so it’s simpler to see.

Want to delve into the culinary arts? Start with large-print recipes. Keep going with cooking utensils that are distinguishable from one another because you wound multi-hued waterproof tapes around the lower part of their handles. Measurements are easier to read when you use special tactile labels (they employ raised shapes or textures so you can identify objects by touch) and a talking scale.

Those are just a few examples that show you can adapt some of your favorite activities (or start new ones!) that fit your vision needs.

In addition to a wide selection of lenses, frames and eye health products, Dr. Aaron Mandel Optometrist offers a variety of diagnostic services and treatment options to manage common eye conditions and vision impairments. Please call us to make an appointment.