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Transition Lenses

Transitions lenses are a great new way to enjoy both sunglasses and corrective lenses in one pair. Transitions lenses are eyeglasses that act as eyeglasses when needed and in low light situations, such as indoors, and then darken when the wearer goes into bright sunlight outdoors. Transitions come in prescription frames and allow wearers to have the best of both worlds. They are ideal for people who need glasses indoors but who do not want to switch to sunglasses when going outdoors. Some people cannot wear contact lenses, making Transitions lenses ideal for them so that they only need one pair of glasses. Transitions can be made for all different kinds of prescriptions.

Transitions lenses are ideal for those who need to wear glasses outdoors but cannot, for whatever reason, wear contact lenses. They’re good for people who play sports and who need a prescription lens that will darken when the lens hits any kind of bright light, such as sun. They are a good choice for those with astigmatism or who have strong prescriptions and need to wear glasses on a regular, daily basis. The lenses immediately begin to darken once the wearer comes back indoors. Transitions are a good alternative to prescription sunglasses because they contain everything needed in one pair of lens, making the chances of them getting lost less as the wearer only needs to have one pair instead of two.